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RFQDecades of Experience Producing Quality Custom Machined Parts

ProEdge Precision is the result of decades of capitalized opportunities as well as lessons learned through overcoming challenges in the custom machined parts industry. Although our business has taken on different variations through the years, it has led us to a place where experience and confidence have prevailed to forge an advanced manufacturing business that understands the needs of its customers.

In harmony with our mission and vision, we are constantly seeking to push the envelope through innovation and best-in-class execution, all for the benefit of our customers. One example of this is our focus on 5 axis CNC machining. Similar to the way CNC revolutionized the custom machined parts industry years ago, 5 axis CNC machining is doing so now. Those shops that decided against CNC back then aren't around today. But our customers can expect ProEdge Precision, LLC to be here, steady and reliable, for years to come.


    To provide creative and innovative manufacturing solutions across multiple
    industries including aerospace, medical and energy

    To set the standard for excellence in manufacturing products and services
    and to provide a great place of employment that inspires people to be extraordinary

    The compass for our actions:

    • Leadership: Provide strength and courage to navigate through change and
      mold a better future

    • Accountability: Incorporate and respect the actions of the entire team in
      achieving company goals

    • Quality: Achieve excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement

    • Integrity: Commit to and maintain high moral principles and professional standards

    • Innovation: Provide value-added solutions for our customers

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